Violent Hands: Live By the Sword & Die By Worms!


 Acts 12

  1. Do you give according to your ability as described in 11:29, more than, or less than your ability?
  2. Does Violent Herod pleasing the Jews in chapter 12 have anything to do with Gentiles coming to Christ without circumcision in chapter 11?
  3. The “striking angel” awakens Peter and saves him (v7) while it kills Herod (v23). What is the difference?
  4. After James’ death, the people prayed earnestly (v5) and Peter was saved and Herod supernaturally killed. What does it mean to “pray earnestly?”
  5. Tell of an experience you have had that later you questioned if it actually happened or if you had been dreaming.
  6. Did the people really expect God to answer (v. 5 & 15)?
  7. Where do you suppose Peter went and why (v17)?
  8. If Herod had not killed James would he still have been eaten by worms? Or is not giving God the glory enough to merit death?