New Here?

What can I expect if I come to a Sunday gathering?

If you’re thinking about visiting Cornerstone on a Sunday you might have some questions about what to expect. You might even feel a bit nervous, but we do our best to make our gatherings as welcoming and accessible as possible. Hopefully this page answers your questions so you have a better idea about what happens. If not, please get in contact and we’d love to help.

There is usually someone greeting folks as they arrive, and you may be asked to fill out a little card so we can remember your name. We won’t add you to any mailing list, but we would like to be able to send you one letter to let you know we’re glad you were there!

Where can I park?

There’s plenty of parking all around the building, and doors are open on each side. A ramp is available on the east side of the building for those who prefer that to stairs.

What should I wear?

Wear some clothes!  There is no dress code wo wear whatever you’re comfortable in. People who come to Cornerstone wear anything from shorts and t-shirts to shirt and jacket or dresses and heels to capris and flip-flops, or straight from work in uniforms.

What time should I arrive?

If you’re coming to the 10:30 service, plan on arriving about 10:20 so that there is time to say hello and pick up a cup of coffee or tea. There is a self-service coffee/tea/cocoa table as well as a coffee cart that offers espressos, Italian sodas with lots of flavor choices and other beverages. There is no charge, and yes, you can take your beverage into the worship center!

Arriving at 9am gives you the option of attending Family Discovery time with your child(ren) ages 2 through 8th grade or attending Disciples Well Bible study. Of course, there is time to visit or play and get beverages after those classes and before worship begins!

How do I know when to stand or sit?

The leader will make that clear. Just look around and see what other people are doing if you’re not sure. We don’t have any rules about when to do what!

Can I bring my children?

Yes! Children of any age are very welcome!

What if my child makes a noise?

Your child probably will make a noise, and that’s just fine – we’d rather have the noise and your child than have it quiet! There is always a healthy burble of children at our gathering. We’re happy for you to get up and move around if it helps you to comfort your child. There is also an adjacent room where you can hear and see what’s going on if you prefer. We provide a selection of coloring books, puzzles and quiet toys for children to use while they’re at church.

Are children expected to leave for a separate gathering?

No. We encourage parents and children of all ages to worship together in a multi-generational setting. We adjust the format of the gathering to take into account short attention spans!

What should I expect during the gathering?

Cornerstone worship music might be loud, sometimes rock and roll, and always about Jesus. God has blessed Cornerstone with talented musicians who love Jesus and serve His church through contemporary music and fresh takes on old hymns. It’s not entertainment, our music is part of the way in which we prepare our hearts and minds to hear and feel the God’s Word and to respond. As part of our worship we have an “offering march” once a month to support God’s work at Cornerstone and periodically we take communion together. There is also time for a spoken message that sometimes includes video clips, and for prayer. All in all, the atmosphere is casual, reflective, and open to all.

Do I have to bring some money for an offering?

We’re not after your money! And we don’t pass a plate at our gatherings. Since we believe that giving is an act of worship, on the first Sunday of each month we have an offering march where we invite everyone to bring their tithes and offerings to the front of the room and give back a portion of what God has so generously given us. Although newcomers are invited to march and worship with us, no one is expected to give anything, especially newcomers.

What happens after the service?

People usually stick around and chat as things are cleared up. We sometimes have a shared meal too! Feel free to leave straight away if you need to, but we’d love to get to know you if you can stay for a few minutes. Please introduce yourself and be ready to be greeted as well!

Any other questions?  Just ask us!

And just in case you’re wondering what to do after you’ve visited Cornerstone, especially if you want to know God more, we’d love to help you with the next steps.

  • Believe.  Believe what God tells us about ourselves and agree with Him that there is only one way to be right with Him… to believe that Jesus is exactly who He said He is.
  • Read the Bible. God’s word is meant to be woven throughout our lives, giving us new wisdom with each season we experience. It’s the story of His love for us since the beginning of time – something best enjoyed daily. If you don’t have a Bible, ask us… we have extras. Or try an online version:
  • Pray.  We have the privilege of a direct connection to the Creator of the universe. Through prayer, God addresses our deepest hopes and fears, gives us direction, and expresses His love to us.  Prayer is simply talking to God, telling him what’s in your heart, and listening.
  • Meet together regularly with other Christ-followers.  Whether it’s Sunday morning worship or an evening LIFE Group, worshiping and learning in community with others is one of the best ways to align or re-align yourself with God.
  • Get baptized. Baptism is our way of telling the world about our relationship with Christ. Jesus did it, and it’s an important way we can follow His footsteps.
  • Give. When we give, it acknowledges God as the Giver of everything we have, reflects our trust that He will continue to provide for us, and allows us to be a part of His work here on earth. It’s something we do with joy. And giving doesn’t just mean money!
  • Bring your family and friends. Following Jesus is a journey that becomes even more meaningful when shared. A great way to lay the groundwork is getting your kids, spouse, and friends involved.
  • Build relationships.   Connect with people in a LIFE Group, where you can make new friends, connect with people growing like you or develop mentoring relationships.
  • Discover purpose.  Each of us is a masterpiece, placed on earth for a unique purpose that’s solely ours to fulfill. Uncover and pursue God’s dream for your life.
  • Serve.  Make a difference by serving a worthy cause, whether volunteering at Cornerstone or somewhere strategic in the community.
  • Get help.  Your next step may be gaining freedom from harmful influences in your life, like recovering from addiction or reframing unhealthy relationships.
  • Learn and grow.  Seek to know God more and be known by Him. Continue with the first things; be consistent in your faith walk; always seek more of God.