Opportunities to Serve 

Remember our identity?  A family of servant ambassadors. Cornerstone encourages each one to find a place to serve so we’ve created a list of places to start. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these ministry opportunities, please contact the church office at 541.276.3987 or office@cnrstone.org and together we will find the right spot to utilize the unique skills and talents with which God has gifted you!  There are different criteria and changing needs for each ministry opportunity, and we want to find exactly the right spot for you!

Family Discovery Time

Honorary Grandma or Grandpa

How often: weekly, or on rotation

Times: 8:45 to 10am

Quick Description: care for, love & nurture children from age 0 to 5th grade; help guide through activities

Experience Leader & Assistants

How often: weekly, or on rotation

Times: 8:45 to 10am

Quick Description:  using provided materials, prepare a multi-age-level Bible learning experience for children.

Behind The Scenes Ministry Support

Office Assistant

How often: once a week, or on your schedule

Times: mutually agreeable times between 8:30 and 5, Mon-Fri

Quick Description: answer phones, take messages, filing, helping prepare for Sunday services and special projects.

“First Service” Team

How often: weekly on Sunday mornings

Times: 7am-12noon

Quick Description: set up signs, chairs & tables, etc., get facility ready for worship. Reverse after service.

Creative Arts

Musician / Vocal Team

How often: weekly, or on rotation

Times: Sunday mornings from 8am to noon

Quick Description: rehearse for service and help lead worship; running the sound board is also an integral part even if you don’t sing or play an instrument!

Sound/Visual Team

How often: weekly, or on rotation

Times: Sunday mornings from 8am until end of service

Quick Description: set up and present slides of welcome, information, songs and other materials for display during worship

Digital Media Team

How often: weekly or as needed

Quick Description:  make signs, posters, fliers; photograph and chronicle the life of Cornerstone, graphic arts, brochures, upkeep of website and social media

First Impressions

Greeters & Hospitality Team

How often: weekly, or on rotation

Times: 8:45am – 12noon-ish

Quick Description: greet everyone with a warm smile and handshake,  answer questions, give appropriate materials, collect information, give directions; act as ‘host’, making newcomers feel welcome by introducing them to others, etc.

Coffee Cart Ministry

How often: weekly, or on rotation

Times: 7:30am – 10:30am

Quick Description: greet people with a warm smile and create delectable beverages for attendees including espresso, Italian sodas & chocolate smoothies in order to foster a hospitable atmosphere for fellowship

LIFE Groups

LIFE Group Leader

How often: weekly

Times: at the group’s discretion for 90 minutes +/-

Quick Description: act at coordinator for a LIFE group (see detailed description in the LIFE Group brochure)

LIFE Group Host

How often: weekly

Times: at the group’s discretion for 90 minutes +/-

Quick Description: host a LIFE group in your home; provide a hospitable environment for the group;   provide snacks or set up a rotation among the group members

LIFE Group Apprentice

How often: weekly

Times: at the group’s discretion for 90 minutes +/-

Quick Description: be the leader’s assistant for the group, learn ‘the ropes’ so you can step into a leadership role when the group multiplies

Special Events

Cornerstone does several special events each year including Church in the Park and on the Mountain in summer, Christmas Child Shoeboxes, Annual Meeting, Easter, Annual Rib Throwdown, Round-Up Sunday and other opportunities to celebrate that might arise.   As with any event, many hands are needed (and welcomed!) to make it a success.

Event Planning

Quick Description:  With the team, plan the date & time, location, purpose, menu, marketing, invitations, and agenda for the event and help execute the plan


Quick Description:   Menu setting, acquisition, preparation, serving, clean up


Quick Description:  Provide transport for needed equipment, set up tents, chairs, tables, etc. if required

Extra Hands

Quick Description:   Willing to come early to help and/or stay late to help clean up before and/or after an event

Lost & Found Youth Outreach


How often: once a week on rotation between 3:30 and 8pm for an hour or two

Quick Description: be available to assist students in specific subjects at the city library

Extreme Mentor

How often: in accordance with your schedule

Quick Description: this is a commitment to a lifestyle you have already decided to adopt. In Lost & Found you simply live that clean and sober lifestyle on purpose in front of the kids as you participate in group activities with them

Activity Leader

How often: several times per week on rotation

Quick Description: activities include open gym, life skills groups and more. If you would like to spend an hour or two sharing a hobby or skill you are a great candidate

Group Co-Facilitator

How often: usually early afternoons from 3 to 5 pm, on your schedule

Quick Description: all L&F groups must have 2 adults present. This position provides an extra set of eyes, ears and hands to ‘ride herd’ on the kids and to help with some of the activities.


How often: once or twice per month on rotation, usually on weekends

Quick Description: drive a car/van/bus-load of kids to an out of town activity. CDL holders are particularly helpful.

Special Projects

How often: various, in accordance with our schedule

Quick Description: share your special talents, gifts, skills, hobbies with the kids and provide an extra set of eyes, ears and hands to help with the event. Examples are Xbox tournaments, bike rides, out of town trips, etc.

Has God given you a desire to do something not included here? Call Pastor Arron to talk it over. Don’t wait! It might be a part of God’s next step for Cornerstone!