And So It Begins


Acts 13

  1. What do you suppose “the church at Antioch” was like; one big assembly?  Jewish church separate from Gentile church? More like a bunch of house churches in ethnic communities (v.1)?
  2. Did the whole church set apart Barnabas and Saul. or just this named group of Prophets and teachers?
  3. Why do you suppose that Saul, the “Apostle to the Gentiles” always started in the synagogue (v. 5 & 14)? Who was his target (v. 16, 26 & 42-48)?
  4. Why do you suppose the Jewish name “Saul” was changed to the Roman “Paul” from here on out (v.9)?
  5. What is the fate of anyone who “makes crooked the straight paths of the Lord?” (v.10)
  6. Why do you suppose John Mark returned to Jerusalem (v.13)?
  7. What do you find striking in Paul’s first recorded sermon in v. 16-41?  How is it both similar and dissimilar to Peter’s in Chapter 2 and Stephen’s in Chapter 7?
  8. Describe your personal experience of forgiveness and being freed here in v. 38-39.  See also David’s view of   forgiveness in Psalm 32:1-5.