Judging and Boasting

Is it really wrong to judge others? What does scripture say on the topic of judging? James 4:11-17

This is not a simple answer. To help us answer this question we need to begin asking questions.

  1. Is it even our place or business to be involved in the matter?
  2. Is the information or “data” we are using to make the judgment accurate?
  3. What is the purpose or motive of our judgment?
  4. What is the “measuring stick” we are using to measure right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral?

If the answer to #1 is no, stop!

If we have doubts about the accuracy of the information we are receiving, we need to verify before making a judgment.

If the motive is to condemn, belittle, divide, etc. then that’s easy … wrong! This kind of critical judgment to elevate a presumed superiority is proud, arrogant, wrong. However; if the motive is to help or restore, well that’s an entirely different matter. Be warned, helping or restoring takes commitment.

Linear measurement requires a ruler. Measuring liquid volume requires a graduated flask or cup. Both require measurement compared to a standard. If we are measuring moral or immoral behavior it needs to be evaluated on the basis of a standard as well. Christians need to use God’s Word as its standard. The world doesn’t have a standard, it’s a moving target and often clouded with emotions which complicates things. Simply stated, we shouldn’t be using our standards to judge the world. It’s unreasonable to judge behavior when differing standards of measurement are utilized.

Boasting … in contrast to the previous post which asks us to humbly submit ourselves to our Creator, we too often make our own plans, based on our own agenda without considering God’s providence in our lives and the absolute dependence we have on God’s influence in our lives. We need to remember, “Your will be done.”




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