Keep Watch!


Sunday, August 11th, 2019


  1. What fears are you currently wrestling with? What was the cause of the disciples anxiety?
  2. Why does Jesus tell them these alarming things before they happen (v.7,11,23)?
  3. What are we to do with this information? (circle in your bible the words “watch” and “guard” in this chapter)
  4. Does v.10 seem out of place? Why is it there (see v.27 too)?
  5. Are our current days better or worse than the former days according to v.19? Is it encouraging that we will face nothing worse than what Christ followers have already faced?
  6. Verses 14-23 were fulfilled before A.D. 70. Verses 24-27 await fulfillment. Which seems worse? While we live in scary times are we to be on the offense or defense?
  7. If you or someone you know is struggling with fear/anxiety, spend some time in Psalm 91 this week (maybe memorize it).