Without Spot or Blemish! / Scheduled for Demolition!


1) If you were in charge of the world’s clock, would you slow it down, keep it the same or speed it up? Why?

2) Why does God’s creation of the earth support Peter’s contention that he will also destroy the earth (verse 10)?

3) Why is that so difficult for some people to believe? What does this tell you about their perception of God?

4) How does Peter’s reference to Paul also encourage his readers in right behaviors (verse 15)?

5) What is Peter’s final antidote to the false teachers of his day (verses 17-18)?

6) Does this chapter encourage you to talk about Jesus more to the people in your life that may not know him? Why or why not?

7) If the clock ran out tomorrow, would you be ready or are there still things you need to get in order? Why wait?