How/Who Can Experience God?


Acts 10

  1. Cornelius had a devotional routine that made him attentive to hear from God. What is yours?
  2. Who is more terrified, Simon the Tanner, Cornelius or Peter?
  3. Peter apparently had a devotional routine that had him attentive to hear from God.  What was God asking of him? Why did it need to be clear and forceful?
  4. Which would get your attention the most; a vision of an angel of God (3), seeing the Lord when you’re in a trance (10), the Spirit speaking (19), people looking for you and knowing your story (20 & 21), perfect timing (24)?
  5. Does one have to individually believe or can the whole household accept Christ and the Spirit fall on all who heard and be baptized (44)?
  6. How significant for us are verses 34 & 35?
  7. How similar is Pentecost (receiving the Spirit) in chapters 2, 8 & 10?  Why was it important that Peter was there for all three?