God Is Good!


Psalms 34 & 73

  1. Which time did David “bless the Lord?” (34:1) Do you do this?
  2. What does this psalm have to say about “faces “(v. 3 & 16) and “eyes” (v. 15)… God’s or man’s?
  3. How does God treat the humble versus the arrogant?
  4. Tell of an experience when you have tasted (experienced) how good God is  (v. 8).
  5. Does your life and default setting show that God is good (73:1)?
  6. When have you been envious of the wicked (73:2)?
  7. Do either of these Psalms reflect your heart, or is your heart someplace else?  Is there a different Psalm that reflects your heart at this time of your life?