Wisdom of Work


Sunday, September 29th, 2019

  1. Which is hardest for you at work; the actual work or the relationship with those you must work with?
  2. According to proverbs 27:18 what should your attitude be towards your employer?
  3. According to proverbs (14:16-17, 15:18, 17;14) how do relationships matter at work?
  4. Discuss Proverbs contrast of the lazy and the diligent, and the workers and talkers (10:4, 14:23, 28:19-23).
  5. How is hunger supposed to motivate work? (16:26)? What happens to a labor force that is not allowed to go hungry?
  6. While staying humble, what happens if you are a master at what you do (20:29)?
  7. How does a wise employer behave (28:15, 23)?