War Is Hell ~ Nahum 2


Sun., Jan 20, 2019 ~ War Is Hell – Nahum 2

  1. What oppressive situations today seem as if they will never change? Or, have you seen such situations change? Nahum 1:12-13
  2. Is the enemy of my enemy always my friend? Babylon rises up to defeat Assyria, but in a few short years (586 BC) they conquer Judah as well. What is the lesson here?
  3. Is God’s justice only good for the victims or can it also benefit the oppressors? 2:8
  4. Who are you a messenger for and what is your message? 2:13
  5. In the battle movies you have seen, how do their clothes and shields get red? 2:3
  6. What does Jesus’ shed blood do?  Matthew 27:24-25 & Hebrews 9:22