Stay Diligent


Sunday November 4, 2018 ~ 2 Thessalonians 3

  1. How does praying verses 1-5 change if you are addressing those suffering for their faith?
  2. How does verse 10 apply to the employed, the unemployed, the retirees, the one on disability? Or the one who because of their faith can only clean sewers?
  3. What is the command given in verse 6? What three things are we commanded to avoid?
  4. What was Paul’s example in verses 7-8?
  5. In verse 11, why do idle and disruptive go together, and who does “not busy” lead to “busybody”?
  6. Why should the disobedient be allowed to face the consequences of their disobedience in verses 14-15?
  1. Why is peace such an important concept in the Thessalonian context (v.16)?
  2. Look up and /or for ideas on how to pray, then pray.