Softer Hearts


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Read Mark 10.

  1. According to Jesus, why did Moses tolerate, not sanction, divorce?  What do hard hearts do to relationships today?
  2. Now that they are back in Herod’s country, why do the Pharisees bring up this subject? (review 6:17)
  3. How does Jesus contrast the marginalized (divorced woman in v.4 and kids in v.14) with the rich and powerful (v.23)?  Which  has more focused faith in Jesus?  Although impossible to obtain on their own, which is more likely to enter the kingdom?
  4. In Mark 10:17-23 which has primary emphasis: leave his wealth or follow Jesus?
  5. Again (8:31, 9:31, 10:33) Jesus predicts his death and resurrection.  How do the disciples respond?
  6. How does v.35-45 show how far away their thoughts are from Jesus’?
  7. How does Jesus define greatness and leadership?  How do we?