Pork Roast!


Sunday, June 23 2019

  1. Mark 7:1-23
  2. What do the teachers of the law consider clean?
  3. What does Jesus consider clean?
  4. According to this passage, does focusing on the externals or the internals keep us closer to God?
  5. How close or far away are you from Isaiah’s description in v. 6-7?
  6. Is anything on the list in v. 21-23 in your heart?
  7. Mark 7:24-30
  8. While trying to rest in Gentile land, how does this unclean woman approach Jesus?
  9. Why was Jesus hesitant to grant her request?
  10. Why did He give her what she wanted?
  11. If you were her, would you have taken offence at Jesus’ reply or staid humble?
  12. Mark 7:31-37
  13. Why does Jesus try to do this healing secretly?
  14. Why does Jesus stay out of Herod’s territory and go to the Decapolis?
  15. Why does Jesus touch this guy when He didn’t even meet the last gal?
  16. How does this fulfill Isaiah 35:5-6?