From Curse to Comfort


Sunday, December 10, 2017

  1. Tell or read the Zachariah and Elizabeth story from Luke 1. What are your impressions?
  2. How were their prayers heard and their curse turned to comfort? Do you personally know this comfort?
  3. When has your number come up like Zach in 1:9, or are you still waiting for that God-purpose for which you were born?
  4. Have you had any possible encounters with angels? (1:11) Why does God send angels or allow you to be another’s angel?
  5. What does “fathers’ hearts being turned to their children” have to do with preparing for the Lord for Christmas? (Luke1:17)
  6. What does this story tell us about how God considers the pre-born? (1:15 & 41)
  7. Herod was building his greatness brutally with darkness and death (Matt. 2:16). God is building His kingdom by bringing comfort through light in the darkness and life from death. Which kingdom have you engaged most?

Mary & Elizabeth