You ate with WHO???

Acts 11

  1. What makes you clean (v. 9), and what makes you unclean according to the New Testament?
  2. How influential was the “circumcision party” (v.2) to put Peter on the defensive?
  3. How many factions do you see in the Jesus movement here in Chapter 11 (v. 1, 2, 20)?
  4. What was Barnabas’ reputation (v.24)?  Why was he sent?  Why do you suppose he went and got Saul?
  5. When the grace of God is encountered (v.23) some are glad.  Why do some resent the grace of God?
  6. Here in Acts, does it matter the sequence of conversion, baptism and being filled with the Spirit?
  7. Do you think the Jewish Jesus followers owned the name ‘Christian’, or was it just the Gentile Jesus followers (v. 26)?