The Second Commandment!


Sunday, September 4th 2022

1) According to Deuteronomy 4:1-2, does the law bring freedom or bondage, blessing or curse?

2) According to 4:6-8, what added benefit is there to keeping the law?

3) According to 4:15, why can there be no image associated with the Lord your God? Why is the form of the created an insult to the creator when it comes to worship?

4) According to 5:9 & 10, what are the consequences to this commandment; positive and negative?

5) For those who do make the Lord their God, what are the consequences (7:9-11)?

6) According to Judges 18:30, how did Moses do with his kids and the second commandment? Is God merciful or vengeful?

7) What images/forms/idols do you have in your life that we have to say “watch yourself?” (4:15)

8) Do you see generations of “visited iniquity” or “steadfast love” in your family (5:9-10)?

9) Are you missing any formal God centering ceremonies in your life?