The Lord Your God!


Sunday, August 28th 2022

1) 30+ times in the first 4 chapters we read “The Lord our (or your) God.”  How does this impact you?

2) Why did the people rebel in 1:26? Did they really accept God as    the Lord their God?

3) What is the significance of 2:7 for their journey ahead?

4) In chapters 2 & 3, why do the people live where they do?

5) Why are the victories on the East side of the Jordan among the giants (3:11) important?

6) How are we doing with 4:9?

7) There is only one great creator God (4:32). Why is it important that the first commandment put Him first and only as YOUR God?

8) The ancient false gods of prosperity, sex, nature, war, weather, the arts, politics etc. all have a current following. Which is most tempting to you?