Sabbath Questions


Sunday, September 25th 2022

1)   Which comes easier to you verse 5:13 or 5:14?

2)   How is the Sabbath linked to the Exodus in 5:15?

3)   Do you practice a Sabbath day, annual celebration, year (Deuteronomy 15 & 16)?

4)   According to what Jesus says about the Sabbath in Mark 2:27, where is your life most out of balance with        this Sabbath principle?

5)   Why do most Christians worship on the first day rather than the last?

6)   What do you do on a Sabbath?

7)   What is the difference between rest for your soul and sleep for your body?

8)   How is Jesus the fulfillment of Sabbath rest according to Hebrews 4:10?