Prophecy; Then, Now and Later!


Sunday, August 1st, 2021

1) In Zechariah 7, the people ask a question (7:3). What was the answer (7:9)? Do you know anyone who thinks their sense of justice and fairness is better than the Bible?

2) Where have you experienced “diamond-hard heart” or stubbornness (7:12)?

3) Are we currently in a time of unrest (8:10) or peace/blessing (8:12 & 13)?

4) What happens to a “strong nation” who seeks the Lord’s favor in Jerusalem (8:22)?

5) How is Jesus first coming the fulfillment of the prophecy in chapter 9 some 450 years after Zechariah?

6) What happens to those who oppose Israel, even Alexander The Great (9:13)?

7) Don’t forget to be praying for 5 of your unsaved people!

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