The Lord Stirred Up Zechariah!


Sunday, July 25th, 2021

1) Share a dream or a vision you have had recently.  Was it from the Lord?

2) Zechariah 1:3; in what area of your life are you tempted to (or have) wandered away from the Lord of hosts?

3) Where have your “fathers” (1:4) been a good example for you, where have they not?

4) How much of the prophecy in chapter 2 was for them, how much are we still waiting for? Compare 2:10-11 with John 1:14.

5) In regards to 4:6, we typically make one of 4 mistakes:

  • Trying to get things done apart from the Lord
  • Unaware that God is at work or not understanding what He is doing
  • Attempt nothing because you know you can’t on your own strength
  • Take credit for what God is doing

Give an example of one or all in your own experience.

6) Don’t forget to be praying for 5 of your unsaved people!

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