Choose Curses?


Choose CURSES?

  1. Deut 11:26-28 and chapter 28 talk about blessing and curses. Why are only the curses mentioned in chapter 27?
  2. Do we suffer any of the curses mentioned in ch. 28?
  3. Today do we have an increase of madness, confusion and oppression, or peace and prosperity (28:28-29)?
  4. Today who is rising higher faster, the sojourner or the resident? Who is the head? Who is the tail? (28:43-44)
  5. Why would God ever take delight in the ruin of anyone (28:63)?
  6. What is the root or poisonous fruit in 29:18… “Beware lest there be among you a root bearing poisonous and bitter fruit.”
  7. What do we do if we see signs of curses in our midst today (30:1-3)?
  8. How difficult is it to obey according to 30:11-14?
  9. Why do you suppose the altar was set up on the curse mountain and not the blessing mountain (27:4-5, 30:2-3)? What do we do when we find ourselves on this mountain?
  10. What is the glorious and awesome name (28:58)?