Hear, O Israel … These are the words of Moses!


1) Deuteronomy means “second law.” Why does Moses do a verbal repeat of the law?

2) Why were the words of Deuteronomy originally spoken, not written (1:1)?

3) How long was the road trip out of Egypt according to 1:2?  How long did it take (1:3)? Why (1:26, 27 & 35)?

4) The phrase “The Lord your God” is used 254 times in the ESV translation of Deuteronomy. What is the point and is it out of love or compulsion?

5) Why “hear” (5:1 & 6:4)? What is the full intent of that word?

6) 1:29 says do not be afraid. 2:4 says they will be afraid of you! How can this be?

7) In your walk with the Lord, do you take the short obedient route more often or the long rebellious way?