Give It A Rest!

Sunday, December 4, 2016 ~ Leviticus 24 & 25

  1. Why do you suppose the oil was brought daily in 24:3? Why bring the bread weekly in 24:8?
  2. Why do you suppose the blasphemer’s lineage is noted in 24:10? How compatible is cursing with holiness?
  3. Define justice according to 24:17-23.
  4. Describe the Sabbath day, year and Sabbath of Sabbath years.
  5. Where do we tend to violate 25:17?
  6. Why do you suppose that redemption is different in an urban context vs a rural one?                      Lev 25:29-31
  7. How are the poor and vulnerable treated according to chapter 25?
  8. How is Jesus our daily light, our weekly bread, our Sabbath rest and even our Year of Jubilee? Luke 4:18-19
  9. The Liberty Bell that rests in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is inscribed with 25:10. How has this verse influenced our country? How/why do we do things differently than this chapter describes?