Your Face: Cast Down or Shiny?


Psalms 42 & 80

  1. How thirsty are you for God? What do you do if you’re not?
  2. Three times in 42 (and 43:5) the psalmist says, “Why are you downcast, oh my soul?” What do you do when that is your lot?  What is the antidote?
  3. What else is striking about this psalm?
  4. Three times in Psalms 80 the request is for God’s restoration and his face to shine on us.  What makes God turn his face away or forget (42:9) us?  What makes God’s face shine on us?  What is the result?  When have you felt God’s face shining on you?  When have you taken your place in the worshipping throng (42:4)?
  5. What is striking about this psalm to you?