Ezra 7&8: God’s hand for Good!


Sunday, August 15th, 2021

1) Who has helped, encouraged, or stirred your heart in your walk with the Lord?

2) Which is easier; a building project or life improvement?

3) Are you more of a starter like Zerubbabel (2:2), an encourager like the prophets (6:14), or a finisher like Ezra (7:25) & Nehemiah or do you make the best of what you have like Ester (4:14)?

4) When have you “found favor” and been encouraged by someone to do a God thing like 7:6 & 27?

5) How do you prepare for a huge task the Lord has set before you? (7:21)

6) Why did Ezra take a risk for the Lord (8:22)? Have you ever done this? Why did Nehemiah take an armed escort  (Nehemiah 2:9)? Have you done this? What is the difference?

7) Don’t forget to be praying for 5 of your unsaved people!

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