Ephesians 2

  1. What did you hope in before Christ?  What hope do you have now? (2:12)
  2. How does our position change according to 2:13?
  3. Is he your peace, or is your life still filled with drama? (2:14)
  4. What “wall” and “hatred” is Paul talking about?  What walls do we have today? (2:14 &15)
  5. According to v. 18, how do we have relationship with God?
  6. Where are we now according to v. 19?
  7. How is this “household” or “temple” me, the local church, and the universal church (2:20-22)?  See also 1 Peter 2:1-10.
  8. When have you personally had a beautiful experience, of the “household” or “temple?”  When have you experienced her not functioning well?