Choose Blessing!



Describe the blessings in Deuteronomy 28:1-14:          _________________________________________________

See also 1:11,21,30,33;    2:7,25;    4:6-8,31,40;   5:10,16,33;  6:2-3,11,18,24;   7:13-15,23;    8:3-9,18;    11:13-15, 21-25; 12:10,15,28;    14:26,29;   15:4,6,10;  20:4;  28:1-14;  30:16;  31:6-8

How many of these apply to us if we obey God today?

Today, personally and as a culture, are we living more blessings or curses?

In Deut 29:29 Moses talks of “the secret things.” What mysteries have been revealed in Ephesians 3?  Are the   secret things more blessings or curses?

Are you fully obedient in everything or are you leaving the door open for curses?

How difficult is it to obey according to 30:11-14?  How does it get even more do-able in Romans 10:1-13?

What is the glorious and awesome name (28:58)

Alternative:  Watch the Bible Project video on blessing and curse at: