Bible Questions (and answers)


1) How many worldwide members of the Gideons are there?

2) How many Bibles have the Gideons distributed since their founding in 1899?

3) How many languages is the Bible translated in?

4) How many different Hebrew words are in the Bible?

5) How many different Greek words are in the Bible?

6) How many new Bibles are sold, given away, or otherwise distributed in the United States in a single day?

7) The shortest Bible verse is John 11:35 (Jesus wept).      What is the longest verse?

8) Fill in the blanks: The Bible was written over a period of _____ years by about _____ different people. The oldest book is dated to about _____ B.C.

9) True/False: The Bible is the most stolen book in the world.



1) 270,000

2) 1.3 billion

3) 2,846 languages

4) 8,674 Hebrew words

5) 5,624 Greek words

6) 168,000 bibles per day

7) Ether 8:9 (look it up!)

8) 1,500 years, 40 different people, 1400 B.C

9) True