2nd Timothy 3 & 4: God Breathed!

Sunday, October 31st, 2021

1) Share a passage of scripture that has impacted you lately.

2) What does it mean that all scripture is God-breathed?

3) When have you profited from the Bible’s: teaching (3:16)?

  • “reproof?”
  • “correction?”
  • “training in righteousness”

4) When has biblical preaching:

  • “reproved” you (4:2)?
  • “rebuke” you?
  • “exhorted” you?

5) The time has come when we dial up what we want to see/hear (4:3) on a screen. How do you choose what preaching/teaching you will listen to?

6) What is your favorite part of the bible, what is your least favorite?

7) How long does it take to be complete and equipped for every good work?