2 Timothy 1


Sunday, September 26th, 2021

1) Why does Paul write the letter of 2 Timothy?

2) When have you endured suffering to gain what you  really want (verses 8 & 12)? How is life in Christ far more superior than any present suffering?

3) What shame is there in following Christ (verse 8, verse 12, verse 16)? Have you faced any?

4) Who do you believe, what are you convinced of, and what has been entrusted to you (verse 12)? Is it secure?

5) According to verse 13, how do we stay “grounded” in Christ?

6) What is the security and power we have, to keep what God has given us (verse 14)?

7) After reading chapter one, are you more encouraged with life, gifts and empowerment or discouraged because of suffering and shame?