They Had Not Understood


Sunday, June 16th, 2019

  1. Mark 6:1-6. Why couldn’t Jesus do more at home? Does familiarity lead to depth and understanding or shallow amazement?
  2. 6:7-13. Whose authority did the 6 teams of 2 go in? To do what exactly? What were they to rely on? According to v. 30-31 how effective were they?
  3. 6:14-29. Why do you suppose Mark interjects another story inside the sending of the teams story? Who did Herod think Jesus was? How does this story affect the rest of the chapter?
  4. 6:32-44. Why did Jesus want the 12 to feed the crowd? Did the people know of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes? Why did Jesus want the 12 to leave immediately after?
  5. 6:45-52. Why did Jesus come out to them? What is the meaning of Jesus passing by? What is the meaning of the loaves if it isn’t simply to feed the hungry?
  6. What impacts you most in this chapter?