The Honor of Samuel


February 18, 2018

  1. Review 1 Samuel chapters 2,3 & 7-12—the story of Samuel. Discuss the parts of the story that interest you.
  2. How does 2:30 apply to Eli and his house? How does it apply to Samuel?
  3. What was unusual about the Lord’s interaction with Samuel in 3:1? How did the Lord normally reveal himself (3:21)?
  4. Why did Samuel move from Shiloh to Ramah (7:17)?
  5. Why did the people want a king according to 8:5?
  6. According to 3:13, why do the kids of religious practitioners not honor God? Do you suppose Samuel raised his kids the way he was raised in Eli’s home (8:1 & 3)?
  7. Did Samuel finish well (12:23-25)?