She Did What She Could


Sunday, August 18th, 2019

  1. Why do you suppose Mark puts the story in verse 3 between verses 1 & 10?  Who should understand but doesn’t, versus who does understand?
  2. What expense have you gone to in your worship/devotion of Jesus?
  3. What does Jesus mean in verse 7?  Isn’t helping the poor always close to Jesus’ heart?
  4. “She did what she could.”  What else could she have done with this resource?  Why do others criticize what she did while they do nothing?
  5. Have you done what you could or less than (v. 10-11), or are you still just talking about what could be done (v. 31) or what others are not doing (v.29)?
  6. What does Jesus do for us that only he could do (v.22, 24)?
  7. Why do you suppose Mark leaves many actors in his narrative anonymous (v.3, 13, 47, 51)?