The “S” word: Luke 2:21-52


Sunday, December 20th, 2020

1) Why do the details matter in verses 22-23?

2) What does verse 24 tell us about Joseph’s net worth?

3) How long had Simeon and Anna been obedient to the Lord without realizing any reward?

4) What is significant about the 12th year in Jewish culture? Why did Jesus stay at the temple (verse 43)?

5) Did Mary and Joseph get it (verse 50)?

6) How hard would it have been for Jesus to go home and submit to his stepfather rather than stay in his  Father’s house?

7) How important is it to submit to parents (Eph. 6:1-4), husbands (Eph. 5:22), bosses (Eph. 6:7), pastors (Heb. 13:17), the government (Rom. 13:1)? How difficult is that for you these days?