Repent or the Ax!


Sunday, November 8th, 2020

1) Why does Dr. Luke write (1:1-4)? What is the significance of the names in 3:1-2?

2) What does repent mean? What is the fruit of repentance in your context?

3) Why did the crowds come out if John called them names (3:7)?

4) Why is it significant to claim Abraham? Why doesn’t this matter for the Baptizer?

5) How does giving – not taking prepare one for Jesus?

6) Jesus is the beloved son of heaven (3:2) and God through Adam (3:38). Does this deepen God’s love and identification for you in John 3:16?


Note: The first time “love” is used in the Bible is Genesis 22:2 for     Abraham’s loved son. The first time “love” is used in the gospels is at Jesus baptism and for John’s gospel 3:16.