Psalm 91: The Soldier Psalm


Sunday, November 10th 2019

Take turns each reading a verse of Psalms 91 or have one person read the even verses and one person read the off verses

1) What does this Psalm have to say about God, what does it have to say about us?

2) What does the word shelter bring to mind?  What person, place, thing or institution is shelter for you?

3) What four names of God does the author use in the first two verses?  Why?  Can you think of any other names of God?

4) What types of “shelter” are discussed in verses 3-8?  Do you have any night terrors (v.5)?

5) According to verses 9-10 who does God “shelter”?  What is the significance of that word “IF?”

6) Do you have any guardian angels spoken of in verse 11?  What do you suppose your angels need to specialize in?

7) So why then do Godly people suffer harm (memorial day is celebrated not veterans day)?  Does the promise in verse 15 help?

8) Can you think of a time that you knew God’s “shelter” in the past?  Could God be calling you to take some risks for him?