Psalm 89: Who is Like God?


Sunday, Nov 17th, 2019

1) Psalm 91:2 review from last week: do you really trust in God as your refuge or Jesus for salvation? Really?

2) 89:1; specifically, how have you experienced God’s love AND His generational faithfulness?

3) Why is it important that your mouth proclaims what God has/is doing in your life?

4) According to 89:5-8 do the heavens declare God or a big bang?  According to these verses what else is going on “up there?”

5) For Ethan in 9-13, what do the earth and sea point to?

6) According to verses 14, how important is righteousness and justice in God’s economy? In Psalm 82, is there any other adequate source?

7) According to 15-18, what can you expect if you learn to “Acclaim” God?

8) How does St. Paul further refine our understanding of the “assembly of the holy ones” (psalm 89:5-7, 82:1, 86:8) in 1 Corinthians 8: 5-7?