Praying for Who?

Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 ~ 2 Thess 2:3:1-5

  1. According to verse 1, who is praying for whom? Who do you want praying for you when it really matters?
  2. What is prayed for in verse 1? How do you do this?
  3. How do you pray for those who don’t yet have faith? How do you pray for wicked people who will never have faith?
  4. How do you pray verse 3? Have you seen it happen?
  5. How do you pray verse 4? How do you know if you are doing what God wants or what you want?
  6. Do you have any examples of growing in God’s love and Christ’s perseverance? Do you desire this enough to ask for it?
  7. If this is how Paul asks them to pray, how does he pray for them (chapter 1)?
  8. How is this an encouraging passage for those who are suffering?

2 Thes 3.1