Matthew 10: Safe?


Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

1) According to Matthew 10:37, what is important, Jesus or family, church or family reunion?

2) Where does safety rank In your value system; “safety first” or further down the list?

3) In your world, when it comes to safety , where does risk meet recklessness with things like seatbelts, helmets and masks?

4) According to Psalms like 16:1 and 31:20 what is “safe”

5) How is walking by faith both safe and not safe?

6) According to Matthew 10:39 how safe is following Jesus?

7) Have your kingdom values caused a divide in your family/people (Matthew 10:34-36)?

8) Why do those who have risked their life for the church/Christ/Gospel have more credibility (Acts 15:26)?