Luke’s Christmas LIGHT!


Sun, December 3 ~ Luke’s Christmas LIGHT!

  1. Although we normally skip over them, why are the first 4 verses of Luke important? How does his effort shine the light?
  2. According to Col. 4:14 who was Luke and what gives him the authority to tell Jesus’ story?
  3. What is Zechariah’s part in shining the light (Luke 1:75-79)?
  4. When has the light dawned for you (1:78-79)?
  5. How can you shine the light?
  6. Are you living 1:79 this Christmas season?
  7. How can you, like just Luke with no titles, in your profession (he was a doctor) make a kingdom impact (Luke wrote the most content in the NT), maybe more than many professional ministers?
  8. Pray for your new Board of Administration (BOA) and for ministry direction into the new year!