Living Stones


Sunday, January 7, 2018 ~ 1 Peter 2:5

This might be similar to last week, but look at it again.

  1. Living Stones: How do you think the builder might want to shape you, a Living Stone, this year? Ask Him specifically what He might want to do in you this year. Share any ideas He places on your heart.
  2. Spiritual House: As you find your place in this spiritual house called Cornerstone, what might God be building in us this year? Ask Him specifically what that might be. Share any possible God-thoughts.
  3. Holy Priesthood: A priest is mediator between God and man. Specifically who are you trying to bring to God? How can we be more effective priests this year?
  4. Spiritual Sacrifice: Specifically, what does following Jesus cost you? Do you have any sacrificial goals for Jesus this year?

Nothing new for you and/or your group here? Nothing comes to mind that God is impressing on you? Then eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company!