Sunday, Dec 16, 2018   ~   Matt 1:18-23 

  1. What life situation have you had to face that took the most courage?
  2. From what you know of the Christmas story, what was Joseph’s plan for his life?  What was God’s?  How much courage do you suppose it took to do it God’s way?
  3. St. Paul explains “Immanuel” in Colossians 2:9.  Although hard to understand, why is it a necessity if we are to be reconciled to God?
  4. According to Exodus 33:12-23 but especially verse 20 and 34:30, what happened in the Old Testament when God is “with us”? Or comes too close?
  5. How much courage do you suppose it takes for an infinite all powerful creator God to become as vulnerable as a created infant to refugee parents?
  6. Hebrews 2:17 says that Jesus was fully human just like us.  Why is that so important to us (2:18)?
  7. Are there any circumstances that you will face this Christmas season where you need courage?  Can you draw courage from Immanuel?
  8. What preparations are you making for Christmas this week?