He’s Here! Luke chapter 2:1-21

Sunday, December 13th, 2020

  1. Looking back on the year 2020 thirty years from now, how do things like politics (the year of the contested presidential election and the virus) help ground our memories in history? Did politics make or break that first Christmas story?
  2. Why do you suppose that Luke says so little about Joseph?
  3. For that time and place, was the actual birth of Jesus ordinary or out of the ordinary?
  4. Why do you think God chose to announce the birth of His son to shepherds (2:9)?
  5. Share some recent good news that brought great joy (2:10)?
  6. How big does the news have to be to get you up to go see it in the middle of the night? Got an example?
  7. How can you share the good news of Jesus this Christmas by word, song or deed?