Good News From Nahum?


Sunday, January 13, 2019 ~ The Book of Nahum

  1. Nahum 1:2 ~ What makes God jealous?  Who is He angry with (see also Ex.20:5)?
  2. 1:3 ~ Think back to a time when you were the victim of a crime or was wronged by someone else.  Are you glad for this verse?
  3. Tell of a time when you experienced verse 7.
  4. Especially after the way the book of Jonah ends 3:8-9 & 4:11, why is the Lord bent on Nineveh’s destruction 1:8 & 14? How many years of grace did they receive?
  5. What is the good news in verse 15?  For whom?  How does Paul use this verse in Romans 10:15?
  6. How is chapter one good news for both the perpetrator of sin and the victim of sin?