God Said “Go”


Sunday, November 29th, 2020

  1. How are you preparing for the holidays?
  2. To be a Jesus follower is to be led/driven to uncomfortable places (4:1), to change your value system (5:11, 6:27), and be sent (10:3).  How do you identify?
  3. According to Luke 6:20-26, do you look forward to what comes next?
  4. When have you found following Jesus to be more driven (into the wilderness to be tempted)(4:1),  into the field (12:3), or a forceful thing (16:16)?
  5. How was your Thanksgiving different and more intentional this year?
  6. How often does your timing and God’s line up?
  7. How have you experienced the up-side-down kingdom (6:27-36)?
  8. How is 6:37-38 like Karma, while the rest of the chapter is not?