David’s Second Half


Sunday, April 8, 2018

  1. How does 2 Sam. 11:1 bode a change in David’s life?  Can anything good come after being where one isn’t where they are supposed to be and isolated?
  2. How does 2 Sam. 14:19 & 32 show the change in leadership?
  3. In 2 Sam. 15:14, David flees from his son and doesn’t even inquire from the Lord.  How is this different than the first half of David’s life?
  4. 2 Sam. 18:4. Is this the role of commander and chief?
  5. What is the appropriate way to mourn for a rebellious son (2 Sam. 19, Lev. 10:2, 6-7)?
  6. How does God show himself to you (2 Sam. 22:26-30)?
  7. What do you suppose is David’s definition of acting like a man in 1 Kings 2:2?
  8. What is David’s fear in Psalm 71:9 &18?
  9. What impacts you most from this study of David’s second half?