And They Crucified Him!


Sunday, August 25th

  1. How does Jesus treatment in chapters 14-15 lend credence to his words in chapter 13?
  2. How did Jesus words in 8:38 and Peters behavior in 14:72 impact the Roman audience facing persecution?
  3. Who remained with Jesus to face his “cross bearing” from Gethsemane through his Jewish and Roman trials on to his crucifixion? But who does Jesus say will be with you in your hour of need? 13:11
  4. How can v.12:24-25 be the focal point of the “good news?”
  5. Why was Pilot surprised in 15:44?
  6. What is the time frame between 14:34 & 15:37?
  7. What impacts you most from Marks telling of the arrest, trial, crucifixion and death of Jesus in chapters 14-15?